What is scaffolding ? Type and Use..

A scaffold is any temporary, elevated work platform and its structure used for holding people, materials, or both. Scaffolding is employed in new construction, renovation, maintenance and repairs.


OSHA categorizes scaffolds into three basic types:

1. Supported scaffolds, which contains one or more platforms supported by rigid, load- bearing members, like poles, legs, frames, and outriggers.

2. Suspended scaffolds, which are one or more platforms suspended by ropes or other non-rigid, overhead support.

3. Other scaffolds, principally manlifts, personnel hoists, and the like. These are sometimes thought of as vehicles or machinery, but are often considered another sort of supported scaffold.

There’s certain things students can do on their own without any assistance there are certain things that at this point in time are completely out of reach the students in the middle of Manglam scaffolding is any assistance students get which helps them to work within that zone of proximal Development Centre that pushing back the boundary of what they can do unassisted example, we might have a 10 year old student at this point in time Nuclear Physics is just a little bit Out Of Reach for them but some of the basics of Science and without the need of any additional help.  I’m in there is an angry ring between the zone of proximal development

but they can learn things and starts understand things with a little bit of support from their environment scaffolding encompasses thinks the students through themselves as well as interventions that teaches make so that first we might have a student and use that book to help themselves understand some new piece of content that using the environment in their own way to come to terms with the work with the new information for the scaffolding is the interventions we make his teachers and this is why we stopped him and offer that extra bit of support to help

students do what they might do on their own and it’s for this reason that scaffolding is intimately tied up with differentiation because women differentiating with thinking about how we can help different Learners to access the work and very often used scaffolding activities going on. we look out across the classroom and we see that some of our students are going to need a lot of scaffolding need a little bit spaps a question or suggestion to get them on the right path and some students actually wouldn’t need any support because they’re able to use their own skills and ability to access to learning maybe even to push themselves of course it might be that way with those students for them some more challenging.

what is scaffolding or something different was thinking the scaffolding is anything that we do have to teach you to help students access the work to help them get to grips with it. when they finding things difficult so it’s about stepping in making that intervention and screw doing that allowing students to do more than they could do on their own Golden Nugget scaffolding is the various strategies and techniques. we used to help students go beyond what we can do on assisted.

6 Scaffolding Strategies to Use with Your Students


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